v0012 - v0014

--- 10.20.2017 --- v0014

- Adjusted player's collision from 64px tall to 32px tall
- Changed player sprite to Emoji player
- Animated player's feet to move with their speed
- Animated player's hat to lerp to their head
- Animated player's body to head bob based on their leg movement

Bug Fixes: 
- Player should no longer be frozen after using Jump Jet when falling off a ledge

--- 09.02.2017 --- v0013

- Jump Jet and Drill Dive dampen x speed on use
- Jump Jet/Drill Dive now freeze x input on use

--- 08.28.2017 --- v0012

- Added Jump Jet ability (Press jump while in air)
- Added Drill Dive ability (Hold down + press jump while in air)


Ray-Flower's_Prototype_v0014.exe 2 MB
Oct 21, 2017

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